Reach out for deals and~or local pick up in North Jersey.

  • Ordered and Delivered, Time to Soak Deez

    After we recieve our order of blanks. We have to start the soaking process. With a generous amount of Soda Ash we drop each item in for about 15 minutes then start ringing them out by hand.

  • Creative Time

    After each item sits for a little and lessens its dampness, We start twisting and folding. For images, we use a washable marker to free hand each image. Then tie it up with the (Classic Process) Sinew string and rubber bands.

    Gotta get EACH curvy line and bubble straight to tie correctly!

  • Hours of Tying!

    Each peice is unique! Sometime we forget what the peice was when dying, but thats nothing some psychedelic coloring cant help lol

  • Colors Colors Colors!

    Usually the fun part resides here.... but then the most terrible part comes up right after.

    We wait 2 days before opening the items then wash them 3 or 4 times. Thats right!

    No sweaty bone shaking and realizing your meatsuit has turned into a smurfsuit during that last set because of a poor wash out! LOL

  • Opening Day!

    After the long 3 or 4 days is over there is nothing left to do but

    Smile Smile Smile!

  • Get To The Show!!!

    During and after the process of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of items.

    We book events, freak out and get wierd all in between. While we find each peice's forever home we truely love seeing you kind folks enjoy each and every unduplicated peice.